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MBSR E Course

Register to participate in early testing of the new and improved version of the MBSR E Course, scheduled to be available in November 2020. This is an opportunity to take this course for free in exchange for your honest feedback.

This 8 week, work at your own pace course is a dive into integrating mindfulness into day to day life without any in person meetings, so students can benefit from flexibility and privacy.

It's great for folks who have an interest in mindfulness and want to further develop the skills on their own, with some opportunities to correspond with an experienced teacher via email. Students can choose to add one to one or group sessions if they want more support or accountability. Message Nichole about these options (BETA).

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Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction LITE

A strong dose of mindfulness practice and study to further integrate of moment to moment unbiased awareness into your life, or give you a taste of what mindfulness can bring to your life. LITE is a modified "do it yourself, with support" version of the evidence based, 8 week, Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction developed originally out of the University of Massachusetts Medical Center
Audio recordings of practices and workbook so you can be supported to bring the practices into your life week by week.
Between class support, via reminders, email inspiration, videos, and individualized feedback from Nichole to keep you practicing amidst the rigors of life
Trauma informed delivery so that you can engage in these powerful practices safely and effectively,
Initial and midway group session (online) with Nichole and Lite participants so you can receive support and feedback for motivation and gains

Final feedback call with Nichole to identify goal progress, take aways, and/or next steps in your mindfulness journey.

Complimentary invitation to next MBSR daylong class to support cultivating seamless moment to moment non judgmental awareness (Fall and/or Winter)

The class runs 8 weeks- next round runs September 2oth thru 2020

Televideo sessions are Wednesdays

Sept 23rd11:30-12:15

October 21st 11:30-12:15

*participants are encouraged to purchase the book Full Catastrophe by Jon Kabat Zinn

*plan to set aside 40-75 minutes most days for home practice and reading if you follow along in the book

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Mindfulness to Meet Your Life and Reduce Stress

This class is specifically designed for busy or burnt out professionals who are wanting to live life more fully and gracefully. You will have the opportunity to participate in mindfulness practices. We will discuss the 3 specific ways that mindfulness practice can transform stress, and you will leave with a self care plan you can implement right away.

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My Year of Living Mindfully

Join me for this special viewing of the recently released film "My Year of Living Mindfully". After the viewing you will be invited to share your review, thoughts, reactions on a Facebook discussion post.

"In the midst of a growing mental illness epidemic, award-winning health journalist Shannon Harvey enlists a team of scientists to put meditation to the test. As she travels 30,000 kilometres around the world, from the bright lights of Manhattan to the dusty refugee camps of the Middle East, she has one simple question in mind: Could learning to quiet our busy minds be the solution the world so desperately needs?

In her search for the mental equivalent of a 30 minute daily work-out, the best of investigative science journalism meets the most personal of storytelling as Shannon interweaves her journalistic diary with the intimate stories of the people she meets along the way.

What begins as a year-long self-experiment transforms into a life-changing experience."

Once you register, the week of the screening you will receive a link to view the film at your convenience anytime from midnight 8/15 through midnight 8/23. You will also be invited to respond to discussion questions and share your thoughts on the Mindfulness on the Western Slope FB page.

If you have trouble completing the registration due to tech difficulties-email me at AND I WILL GET YOU REGISTERED! No problem:) and I apologize for any inconvenience.

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Online Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course

This 8 week class an internationally recognized, evidence based course designed to guide and support participants in the ongoing process of cultivating moment to moment awareness in an in depth and systematic way. The course was originally designed at University of Massachusett's Medical Center (1979- present) to support patients with medical conditions exacerbated by stress, and now is offered in a variety of settings and as a way to promote health, well BEING, and resilience in anyone seeking to increase ease and clarity in their life. . Course fee includes 8 weekly classes audio recordings of practices, workbook, between class support, and all day class in second half of course. Registration for the entire course is required. Register below and Nichole will follow up via email with full registration materials.

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What is Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction?

Sign up to receive a free video all about Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction to see if the traditional, or LITE course could be a good fit for you right now. You will also receive a series of MBSR inspired mindfulness tools you can implement right away.

This video is available through August 23rd, and you will receive the link once you register.