A Day of Mindfulness

An invitation to those living in the western slope community who want to gather with others and work with the mind, body, and spirit to reflect, restore, and remember what is best and true in our lives. The morning, afternoon, or evening will include a discussion of different ways to describe mindfulness, a review of benefits, journaling, opportunity for group discussion, and plenty of guided formal practices, with a focus on day to day application. We will cover topics such as mind body connection, and components of stress reactivity. Join us to learn a bit more about the benefits of mindfulness or to build your practice, by joining with others.


Register link HERE or directly with Grand Junction Parks and Rec

Free MBSR Orientation

This 1 hour introduction to Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) as a wellness tool, professional skill, and way to restore and reset. This will be an opportunity to learn about MBSR and see if the evidence based course is a good fit for you. Also, learn about some additional MBSR offerings for the Winter 2020 program- a lower cost "do it yourself" and a more intensive option. If you are signed up for the MBSR course and can't attend the orientation, let me know and we will make other arrangements, so you can get the full scoop!

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course

This 8 week class an internationally recognized, evidence based course designed to guide and support participants in the ongoing process of cultivating moment to moment awareness in an in depth and systematic way. The course was originally designed at University of Massachusett's Medical Center (1979- present) to support patients with medical conditions exacerbated by stress, and now is offered in a variety of settings and as a way to promote health, well BEING, and resilience in anyone seeking to increase ease and clarity in their life. . $90-450 Course fee includes 8 weekly classes (7 for the Winter 2020 class), audio recordings of practices, workbook, between class support, and all day class in second half of course. Registration for the entire course is required. Winter 2020, I will be piloting 2 modified versions of the 8 week MBSR- a lower priced "do it yourself" version, and a more intensive version. Register below and Nichole will follow up via email with full registration materials.

Mindfulness Tools for Reducing Stress: a 4 week series

We will experience various ways to practice mindfulness, with a focus on day to day applications. There will be guided discussions about stress and the body, as well as some exploration of what research is telling use about mindfulness. Handouts will be provided. Each class builds on the previous, so it is recommended to attend all four. Each class is 90 minutes long. This is good for those new to mindfulness and those who would like a refresher or share your practice with others. $15 per class. $10 per class for San Miguel and Ouray County employees and clients.

REGISTRATION REQUIRED. Pay by cash or check at the time of each class.