About Mindfulness Based Interventions llc

Participating in therapy, mindfulness, or any practice of healing or self development takes vulnerability and courage. During this COVID-19 pandemic, the public health response, and the collective uncertainty we are experiencing, vulnerability and courage are needed now more than ever. If you are a front line or essential worker, perhaps these qualities are necessary to perform your job right now. If you are stuck at home, listless, overwhelmed, or dissatisfied, acknowledging your experience can be a gateway to growth. Support in mindfulness training is a powerful way to sustain focus and compassion (for self and others) over the long haul. Moment to moment awareness will also help you meet your life as is, and take natural next steps to change, grow, and learn even when the environment is stressful and or the future is uncertain.

Mindfulness Based Interventions llc offers individual sessions in Ridgway and Montrose (in person, once the stay at home order is lifted) and sessions throughout Colorado via telehealth. More information about telehealth services HERE.

Mindfulness training can be tailored to fit the needs of your small business or organization, or you can join an Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction E Course , which is 100% online. If you are not sure if an MBSR program is right for you REGISTER to link to the video "What is Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction?" and also receive a series of emails with mindfulness tools you can implement right away.

Learn more about Nichole and MBSR at: brainbellyheart.com

I look forward to connecting with you.